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We will have our fall Placement Auditions for Monday, Aug 10 and Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020

You can schedule an online or an In-studio audition - we want you to be supported & safe.


Through the Covid-19 pandemic, Singing has been listed as an easy way to spead and catch the virus because of the

nature of breathing and projection required for the art form. With this in mind, we are planning to conduct both 

Online & In-Studio lessons this fall. If you choose to try In-Studio lessons - we will engage in a no touch, one-on-one,

cleaning prodical that keeps every student and teacher safe. We understand that getting out of the house

and connecting with people is important and Groh Music wants to help in any way we can.


Fall Lessons Begin: August 17th

Your Choice: Online or In-Studio (with option to change as needed)


To Register for a Placement Audition, click below. 

If you are a returning Summer student, no audition is necessary but registration for lessons is.

Thank you, Singers!

With planning, we will sing on together!

- Sarah Groh



Groh Music

An Online Voice Studio: Meeting each student where they are, teaching them to sing, and supporting their personal growth through music. 

Singing Goals

Each Lesson: Students set goals for singing - choir or musical auditions, note reading & tone produciton. And learning to become a musician.

Life through Singing

Adult Students: Many adults enjoy singing as a way to relax and think. Others want to rekindle their musical gifts and sing in church or on stage.

Groh Music works with students from:

- Manitou Spring District 14

- Colorado Springs Districts 11 and 20

- Lewis Palmer District 38 & Palmer Lake

- Homeschool Students, UCCS & PPCC Students


And adults:

- Business Owners, Lawyers, Therapists, Military Vets & Enlisted, CEOs,                 and Teachers.


If you are a current GM student, recommend us to your friends and family. We believe in Singing Every Day and the power of music to Make Your Life...Sing!



We have enjoyed a home in Downtown Colorado Springs for nearly 15 years.


Our studio is an inviting warm space through the north entrance of Immanual Lutheran Church.


Groh Music can be found on Google Maps.https://g.page/grohmusicltd?share



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