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Our Summer Lessons are enrolling now - and begin June 1, 2020.


Groh Music

An Online Voice Studio: Meeting each student where they are, teaching them to sing, and supporting their personal growth through music. 

Singing Goals

Each Lesson: Students set goals for singing - choir or musical auditions, note reading & tone produciton. And learning to become a musician.

Life through Singing

Adult Students: Many adults enjoy singing as a way to relax and think. Others want to rekindle their musical gifts and sing in church or on stage.




Lessons Run: June 1 - July 31.


Get Ahead: During these 9 Weeks you can achieve many goals: Have fun! Get ahead of other singers by improving your vocal skills, prepare for fall choir and musical auditions, hone your sight-singing & ear training skills...All this leads to - You enjoying life through music!


A Music, Sight-reading, Musicianship Booklet will be given to each summer student.


Events & Health: As we learn more about how Covid 19 evolves - we will stay online for lessons. If there is a break in health and the virus is declining, in person lessons will be offered downtown only on a 1- to -1 basis.


GROUP VOICE? - Maybe 1 or 2 events to sing for each other and receive feed back....but only if we are safe and our

health is safe.




8 Lessons - $275 - 3 New songs, foreign language, musical theater, audition repertoire

                             - sight-singing, rhythm, interval training, musicianship (sign by June 1)


4 Lessons - $145 - 2 New songs with all the musicianship training (sign by June 15)



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